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BC Ecosocialists

Further left than the NDP, greener than the Greens


The rising concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few is having a direct impact on people’s lives, and fueling the climate crisis. Taking action at an individual level will not be enough to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and get things back on track in time.

We want to make big changes. We’re inspired by people like Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Autumn Peltier, the water protectors at the Unis'tot'en Camps and Standing Rock - people all over the world who are standing up for people and the planet over profits.

Maybe you’ve noticed that none of the parties currently in the BC legislature seem to want to make big changes. It’s as if they don’t understand or care about the problems facing the people who elected them. Problems like:

  • the housing crisis and resulting homelessness
  • income and wealth inequality
  • the overwhelming increase in overdose deaths
  • fires, droughts and floods killing and displacing people worldwide

You are already beginning to see the devastating impact of climate change, while BC builds more fossil fuel infrastructure. We’ve noticed this too. We believe in representative democracy, but there’s nobody out there who is willing to make the changes that are needed.

Enough is Enough. Stand for Real Change.

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