We must discard the legacies of Patriarchy and gender discrimination.

Gender is a system of social categorization whose rules and norms vary from place to place and time to time. Colonialism is a movement that mobilizes capital, white supremacy and European gender norms, exporting them and forcing them upon people all around the world. The ideals and driving forces of colonialism have embedded themselves in contemporary political and social systems, including assumptions about sexual dimorphism, a gender binary, understandings of gender norms, and mandates of heterosexuality.

The BC Ecosocialist Party recognizes that there are multiple genders and gender expressions, with both overlapping and differing needs. We commit to providing the necessary diversity and equity of services and supports for all genders, but especially for those oppressed by the current gender dynamics of our society.

Our efforts to achieve gender equality include:

  • The principle of equal access to health care irrespective of gender under our Complete Universal Healthcare for All policy; this includes a variety of initiatives including fully accessible services for Two Spirit, transgender, non-binary, intersex and pregnant people in all areas of the province.
  • Ensuring that people living in all areas of the province have equal access to healthcare, health authorities will be required to decentralize more services and guarantee free transportation and accommodation for people and their families who need to travel outside of their home communities to access specialized services.
  • Providing free menstrual products and contraceptives for all BC students, including students in post-secondary institutions.
  • Stream-lining and simplifying name and identification change services.
  • Modifying drivers licenses, BC ID, and BC Services cards so that a wider range of gender options are available, allowing individuals to choose which designation to apply to their identification – or not provide a gender designation at all.
  • Ending the practice of doctors choosing the gender of an Intersex child at birth.
  • Requiring parents who wish to circumcise their children to be provided with information about the impacts of circumcision and a one week waiting period before allowing the surgery, with exemptions for religious practice.
  • Banning conversion therapy.
  • Ensuring housing for everyone under our Housing for All policy. Furthermore, the BC Ecosocialists recognize that people fleeing domestic violence or other abusive situations may still require emergency transition housing. This housing must guarantee:
  • Eligibility for people of all genders (and their children) fleeing violence and abuse.
  • Recognition of the needs and desires of those seeking transition housing in structuring housing options that provide both safety and a feeling of safety, both of which are crucial to successful transitional housing.
  • Ensuring culturally-appropriate transition housing, including but not limited to meeting the needs of Indigenous people, marginalized genders and sexual orientations, religious minorities, and racialized, immigrant, and undocumented people. This includes language services for people for whom English is not a first language.
  • Provisioning of transition housing that permits pet owners to keep this important source of stability and support.
  • Eliminating waiting lists through the expansion of the transition house system. Transition housing should never be forced to operate at full capacity; there must always be room in an appropriate space for anyone who requires emergency housing.
  • Ensuring that a majority of transition housing spaces are fully accessible so that there are no barriers for people with disabilities who require emergency housing.
  • Ending the contracting-out of transition housing in favour of a fully state-run, state-supported system.
  • Imposing a Fair Wage policy for all contracted-out government work that does not distinguish between male-dominated (e.g. building trades) and female-dominated professions (e.g. elder care) but provides the same floor wage for all government work.
  • Recognizing families of all shapes and sizes as legal, legitimate families, including ensuring that families are not limited to two names on birth certificates.
  • Restoring the  Legal Aid funding system that expands the current understanding of familial, parental, and caregiver roles in pursuing support and access to minor children when relationships change or dissolve.