Corporations and wealthy people don't create jobs. We need a Green New Deal for BC.

The current NDP-Green government’s jobs ministry understands its role as attracting predatory transnational corporations to base more of their operations in BC. For this reason, our current Jobs minister has given public speeches praising predatory, monopolistic, exploitive firms like Lyft, Amazon and Telus, beseeching them for more business. This stands in sharp contrast to the British Labour Party which has put Amazon on notice that it plans to drive the firm from the UK for its poverty wages, brutal working conditions and zero-hour shifts.

The BC Ecosocialists believe in creating local jobs through local government, cooperative and private sector employment. As a party that understands Dependency Theory, we know that local elites who make their money by exporting un- and minimally-processed resources to industrial regions see remanufacturing jobs as an existential threat and will seek to bring down any government that challenges their privileged position as brokers of raw materials, motivated, in part, by a desire for power and profit, and, in part by fear of industrial empires like the US and China and the consequences they might visit on BC in retaliation. This is why the investor class staged a capital strike in BC in the 1990s in response to government efforts to kickstart a local shipbuilding industry.

The global petroleum industry are not our friends or possible collaborators. They are evil and hell-bent on destroying our planet. It is us or them. No more coal mining, no LNG, no more fossil fuel infrastructure, period.

The only way we can do this is by destroying the fossil fuel industry globally. Our current framework of some emissions being permitted in some places and not in others is a trick, a ruse ginned-up by Big Oil. When BC sends coal or natural gas to China or India to be burned there, we are not somehow no longer responsible for the deaths and extinctions those fuels cause, simply based on which country emissions entered our global atmosphere from. BC Ecosocialists will also focus on restricting supply, and take responsibility for all emissions both in BC and from BC. Our 95% reduction goal applies to both. That means telling fossil fuel companies they are not welcome here, kicking them out and shutting down their operations. Period.

Some cowardly and dishonest politicians argue that dramatic reductions in employment in the mining sector is an attack on working people. We strongly disagree. A century ago, it was not the dream of any coal miner for his son or daughter to work in a coal mine; it was the dream of miners like Ginger Goodwin and Joe Hill that no person should ever have to enter a coal mine again, that their children would enjoy healthy, clean, dignified work on the land. That is our dream today.

Electrification of the economy - the replacement of natural gas, gasoline, and diesel with electricity - is a key part of any Green New Deal, and has a potential to be a large source of employment during the transition. However, BC's start in this direction was corrupted by the choice of the Site C project, which was primarily meant to serve LNG.