BC Ecosocialists' Current Policy (PDFHTML)


We know that it’s not a dream, but a practical reality that we can all live decent lives without having to keep someone else down. We have the resources to house everyone. We can feed everyone, without subjecting them to the humiliation of food banks. We can afford to provide childcare to everyone who needs it.


We want to better tax rich people and corporations to fund better policies, like building tens of thousands of units of social housing, building new green energy and transportation infrastructure while putting a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure including all LNG.


We oppose discrimination on the basis of race, class, sexual orientation, gender and disability. These values inform our policies from the bottom up; they are part of a framework of material as well as judicial rights that will shape building codes, vehicle design, program delivery and funding as well as employment equity in both the private and public sectors.


We believe in decolonization; that means returning power, land and resources to Indigenous people, not just tearful apologies and photo-ops.

We are a political party registered in the Province of British Columbia, with the primary purpose of fielding candidates in provincial elections.

Read our policy to find out about how we would handle existing government departments and our ideas for some of the new departments we would create.