February 18, 2020

PRINCE GEORGE – The BC Ecosocialist Party today renewed its call for BC to stop its massive subsidies to fracking in the Peace Region. “If [British Conservative Prime Minister] Boris Johnson and [his chief of staff] Dominic Cummings are instituting a moratorium on fracking within the United Kingdom, the least we can do in BC is stop subsidizing the practice,” stated party spokesperson Stuart Parker, who also noted that the province of New Brunswick has banned the practice and that Bernie Sanders, the leading candidate for the US presidency, has promised a nationwide ban.

“Given that the federal wings of both the NDP and Green Parties just won seats all over BC on the promise to end all fossil fuel subsidies last October, we are baffled as to why this government has actually increased fossil fuel subsidies while in office,” Parker added, noting the $6 billion subsidy package, the Horgan government used to lure companies like Royal Dutch shell into building the Kitimat and Squamish natural gas liquification plants.

Greens the Best Hope But Still a Long Shot

“Given that the Greens voted against that subsidy package, we figure we have a better chance of Green MLAs amending the budget to end fossil fuel subsidies and withholding their consent from a budget that keeps them going. The Greens were very proud of their vote against these subsidies last year and say they plan to vote against them again. That’s good because today is budget day and it literally is their chance to do that. But,” Parker added, “we are concerned because we have head of no move by the Greens to defeat or amend the budget, despite it including subsidies to Big Oil that they say they oppose. We are also concerned because the Greens voted for fossil fuel subsidies in the 2018 and 2019 budgets and, even before they entered their alliance with the NDP, they voted for fracking subsidies in the 2014 budget.”

The BC Ecosocialist Party is BC’s newest and fastest-growing registered political party, comprising disillusioned members of the BC NDP, Green Party and those not previously involved in electoral politics. The party is the only BC party to favour not just demilitarization of the Coastal Gas Link pipeline route but the immediate cancellation of all provincial permits for the project.