May 4, 2020

The BC Ecosocialist Party expressed concern over John Horgan’s apparent support for CFL subsidies and a CFL season beginning this summer. “If there is one thing we are not short of during this pandemic is stuff to watch on TV,” stated party spokesperson Stuart Parker, “the last thing that needs government investment, support or regulatory wriggle-room is a professional sports league,” in response to Horgan’s April 29th statement that “there are other priorities that are certainly higher, but there is a negative economic consequence to not seeing our professional sports underway this summer.”

“Here we are in a province where renters who cannot make rent face eviction immediately upon the end of the state of emergency and are receiving a paltry $300 per month from the government for rent, at the sole discretion of their landlords. We have a province where prisoners in our remand centres and jails don’t have the space to distance or isolate. We have a province where homeless people have no access to pandemic income supports or housing and are living in tents and in doorways. But apparently, we should restarting the CFL because John Horgan thinks they ‘provide a tremendous economic stimulus… and [players] don’t get paid that much.’ This from a guy who declares $13.85 an acceptable wage for essential service workers,” Parker added.

“Let’s also remember,” Parker concluded, “that this means sending janitors and other low-wage personnel into steam-filled locker rooms and exposing players, reopening the Surrey practice fields and bringing in a permanent site maintenance crew. I know we’ve decided that sport fishing is an essential service in BC but this is too much!”

The BC Ecosocialist Party hope that the BC Liberals and BC Green Party join them in returning to work in legislative accountability, a service essential to British Columbians.