March 25, 2020

Earlier today John Horgan announced that the province would be providing up to $500 of support for tenants who had lost income due to COVID-19, but that payments would be going directly to landlords.

Together with ACORN Canada, Courage, and the Democratic Socialists of Canada, the BC Ecosocialists have been calling for relief for both tenants and landlords during this unprecedented crisis. Let's see how today's BC government announcement measures up:

Despite being completely out-of-touch with the cost of housing in the province that he governs, Horgan did prohibit all rent increases effective immediately, and ban evictions. He then went on to state that (in spite of their legal obligations to their shareholders) banks must "do their part" to help landlords during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Don't think this is good enough? Join us in calling for stronger protections for workers and families.