February 18, 2020

PRINCE GEORGE – The BC Ecosocialist Party has slammed the Horgan government’s third provincial budget and its focus on paving as much of BC as possible, rather than prioritizing climate-friendly initiatives like providing vital inter-city bus and rail service.

"Horgan and friends seem to be relying on the age-old wisdom that the way to win a second term in BC is to expand the provincial highway network. Well, the people of BC have news for them; it isn't 1995 anymore." stated party spokesperson, Stuart Parker. "As with their escalation and militarization of the confrontation with the Wet’suwet’en, and continued disrespect for both Indigenous people and the people standing with them, this government is completely out-of-touch."

"The same government that repeatedly refuses entreaties to re-activate rail service along the former BC Rail and E&N lines or to replace the lost Greyhound Interurban service throughout the province” Parker continued “are prepared to spend billions building Christy Clark’s Perimeter Road, and widening the Trans Canada Highway to six lanes all the way to Aldergrove, in addition to a massive widening project between Kamloops and the Alberta border."

Parker noted that a massive highway expansion and a violent stand-off with Indigenous land protectors were two of the key pillars of the party’s re-election strategy in 1995-96, back when expanding roads and suppressing Indigenous rights played well with voters.

“The triumvirate that actually runs this province John Horgan, Carole James and Geoff Meggs unfortunately typify the worst of their generation. While baby boomers like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have been beacons of inspiration in the UK and US, this group of boomers exemplify the #OkBoomer hashtag with their politics of violent colonialism and big, shiny, wide new freeways. But they’re in for a surprise. And the surprise is that it’s 2020, and this is not what the people of British Columbia want anymore.”