June 8, 2020

"The first step to de-funding the police and ending discriminatory law enforcement is evicting the RCMP from BC"

Monday, June 8th, 2020 – PRINCE GEORGE – As part of a series of policing reform policy announcements this week, BC’s newest and fastest-growing political party is calling for cancellation of British Columbia’s contract with the RCMP. “Given the fact that BC’s rate of officer-involved deaths is the highest in Canada, it is pretty clear that delegating most of our policing to a quasi-militarized force headquartered in Ottawa is not working even compared to the RCMP’s record of wrongful deaths, systematic brutality, attacks on journalistic freedom and racism in the rest of Canada. For this reason, the first step in building a culture of community-based public safety is giving the RCMP their one-year notice to quit the jurisdiction,” stated Stuart Parker, a party spokesperson.

Today, the RCMP fulfill not only rural policing functions and police detachments in small communities. Large municipalities continue to maintain their own RCMP forces, with Surrey having only recently abandoned theirs. Many large cities like Burnaby, with a population just shy of a quarter of a million residents, continue to maintain municipal contracts with the national force. “While we are not a fan of the ways in which the Solicitor-General has recently disrespected municipal powers of expropriation and quarantine, we cannot, in good conscience, say that policing is simply a local matter. Basic human rights like security of the person must be respected throughout BC and, especially for non-white British Columbians, that just is not possible with the RCMP here,” Parker added.

Today’s announcement is the second of five by the BC Ecosocialist Party in response to the North American policing crisis in solidarity with the grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police. Ecosocialists urge party members and supporters to join in the continuing public protests for racial justice and the complete demolition and reconstruction of our law enforcement systems.