February 11, 2020

PRINCE GEORGE – The recently-formed BC Ecosocialist Party is calling on Green Party and NDP backbenchers to vote “no” on the Throne Speech the Horgan government is presenting.

“This government, simply put, has lost the moral authority to govern,” stated party spokesperson Stuart Parker. “Nobody who voted for the NDP or Greens in 2017 imagined that their vote would be used to construct a pipeline across the Rockies to bring fracked gas to a natural gas liquification plant run by Royal Dutch Shell. Nobody who voted NDP or Green believed that their vote would be used to invade the unceded territory of a first nation, lock up its hereditary leadership and destroy its infrastructure in a military-style action. Nobody who voted Green or NDP thought their vote would be used to give a billion dollars to Royal Dutch Shell, one of the most corrupt and monstrous companies in a monstrous and corrupt industry. The members of this government have no right to occupy the seats in which they sit. This government needs to fall.”

Noting the razor-thin one-seat majority the government enjoys in the legislature, Parker added, “It just takes one. There just needs to be one member of this legislature with the courage to put an end to this violent farce, this mockery of reconciliation and climate justice masquerading as a government. And the corollary to that is that no member of this legislature can hide from their responsibility. Each and every MLA has in their own hands the power to stop this government’s escalating war against Indigenous people, youth and future generations by refusing to vote for the continuation of John Horgan’s misrule.”

The Buck Stops with Horgan and Farnworth

Parker noted that, contrary to BC NDP spin, high-level policing decisions in BC are in the hands not of the Trudeau government in Ottawa but in the hands of Public Safety Minister and Attorney-General Mike Farnworth. “There is nowhere for the government to pass this buck. They were the ones who increased public subsidies to oil companies by $6 billion. They were the ones who proudly posed with the Royal Dutch Shell logo in hard hats. And they are the ones ordering the police to violate Indigenous peoples’ rights, violate international standards of press freedom. And for what? To construct the highest-carbon emission project ever built in the history of our province.”

“This government can either change course or it can face the voters at the polls, 57% of whom cast ballots for climate leadership, reconciliation with First Nations and an end to corporate welfare and sweetheart deals with Big Oil,” Parker concluded. “Because in the election, whenever it comes, unless this government changes course, we will be on the ballot in every riding, on the hustings in every city and town so that everyone in BC will have a chance to vote for true reconciliation and climate justice.”

The BC Ecosocialist Party is an officially registered BC political party that launched in October 2019. It comprises former Greens, New Democrats and many people never previously involved in partisan politics. It has local associations in all regions of the province already and plans to field a full slate of eighty-seven candidates in the next general election, barring a dramatic policy reversal by the NDP-Green government.