BC Ecosocialist Party reaffirms commitment to trans rights as human rights

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 – VICTORIA – Stuart Parker has stepped down as the interim leader of the BC Ecosocialist Party. He will no longer be a candidate in Prince George-Valemount. 

"Our soon-to-be released trans policy is really very exciting," said Josue Anderson, Policy Chair of the BC Ecosocialist Party. "We're offering streamlined name and ID change services and trans, non-binary, intersex, and Two-Spirit people will also have the opportunity to choose what gender to put on their identification - or even choose not to indicate a gender at all. Under our Complete Universal Healthcare Program, a BC Ecosocialist government would not just offer full coverage for cancer treatments, your parents' medications, or braces for your child's overbite, we would also fully cover gender-affirming surgeries, medications, post-operative care, counselling, and rehabilitative care. We really want to finish what Tommy Douglas started: complete coverage for everything health-related, from preventative and rehabilitative services, to full Pharmacare, mental health, vision, and dental care."

"We want to make clear that the Party policy is collectively written by the policy committee, which is open for members to join. Stuart's writings on any topic do not equal Party policy, and Stuart - like any Canadian - has a constitutionally protected right to the freedom to speak and write about ideas and participate in discourse, which he does as an academic. Some of his ideas are controversial and have been accused of being transphobic. We had to accept his resignation because of the mounting controversy, as we head into this election," stated Ashwini Manohar, the party's executive director.

"We didn't anticipate going into an election with Stuart as party leader," added Jens Haeusser, the party's Chief Financial Officer. "When our previous leader stepped down, Stuart only reluctantly agreed to be the Interim leader while we searched for the right candidate to fill the role. We never expected the NDP to be so irresponsible as to suddenly call a snap election in the middle of the pandemic."

The party will be releasing a full set of policy documents in the coming days.